Collections Law

Timing is everything. 

For a creditor, the objective must be to have the matter resolved and the debt repaid as quickly as possible. The clock is ticking while the matter works its way through a company’s credit department and collection agency. As time passes, financial situations worsen, bankruptcies are filed, businesses disappear, and witnesses are no longer available. What was once a collectible case is written off as bad debt. It is crucial that the creditor consult an attorney as soon as there is a payment problem to ensure best results.

A debtor has the same objective. Frequently, defendants who are being sued have known about the debt for some time and hoped it would go away. By the time the lawsuit has been filed, negative information has been applied to the debtor’s credit report and what was once a small debt has now ballooned into a large lawsuit with interest and attorney’s fees the creditor may be entitled to. None of this had to happen. With the aid of an attorney experienced in collections, these types of disputes can often be resolved before they spiral out of control.

The Adam M. Brown Law Firm LLC represents corporations and individuals in matters involving FDCPA violations, consumer fraud and protection, outstanding receivables and debt collection actions in the business lending, construction, freight, insurance, equipment leasing and service industries.

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